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Prize Seeking Committee

Page history last edited by camella herrin 11 years, 5 months ago

Committee Members:  Michael Petersen, Kelly Mavropoulos, Susann Spinell, Erica Williard, Camella Herrin, Crystal Turney


Meeting Dates and Minutes


March 12-Fuji's for Lunch


1. The Form Letter we gave to businesses when requesting donations last year was shared.  This will be revised by Camella as soon as our Tech Camp has an official name and theme. 


2. Business Cards-Patti Freeman shared these will be printed up soon.  We need to leave abusiness card and the form letter with each business we contact.


3. Erica volunteered to create an Excel Spreadsheet to record the following for each donation:


  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact Person's Name
  • Position
  • Phone Number
  • Item(s) Donated


So please send this to when you complete your prize gathering.


4. This information will be sent to Michael, Camella, and Kelly  after the Technology camp, and we will send Thank You Notes.


5.  Patti Freeman has already been in contact with many of our vendors such as Smart and CDWG


6.  Committee Members were assigned Cabarrus County Areas for Requesting Donations. 


Area Member(s) Assigned
Harrisburg Camella
Concord Mills (Mall Side) Kelly
Concord Mills (Panera Bread Side) Crystal
Carolina Mall Area Erica
Afton Village Area Susann
Hwy 29 Michael
Suggestions for other areas are welcome

Feel free to pair up-it's nice to go with a partner (Harder to turn down

multiple smiling expectant faces:)


Ideas For Prizes or Donations

  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Baskets
  • Gym Trial Memberships
  • Tanning Bed Certificates
  • Pet Grooming Visits
  • Pens, Pads of Paper that Tech Camp Attendants could use for note taking.
  • Grilling Tools
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • wireless mice or laptop bags


*Teachers love anything free-we got tool kits for cars and wind breakers and stadium seats, umbrellas, manicure and pedicures, and free video rentals last year for example.


Other Items the Prize Committee Acquired for the Tech Camp in general Last Year:


  • Adhesive Name Tags for the Attendants
  • Plastic Bags for Each Attendant For Storage of Schedules and Paper Pad, Pen, etc


*We should plan to ask for these items again this year from Staples, Grocery Stores, etc.



Other Thoughts:


  • If we get gift cards from businesses like Walmart, we could use to purchase several small prizes like CD cases, jump drives, blank tapes, iTunes cards, etc.
  • Think about your personal connections with area businesses through your spouse or neighbors.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for big ticket items like cameras-this is tax deductable for businesses.
  • Call up your bigger businesses like Target and Walmart and Belks:  they have a protocol for donations so you will get a contact person and it takes a bit more time.
  • Build a Bear Workshop and HH Gregg were very interested last year but we waited too long....may want to check there.
  • Dress professionally and wear your name CCS name tag when out begging (I mean soliciting:)!!!




Camella-What's our Tech Camp Name or Theme?  If anyone hears, let me know:)



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