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Computer Labs 1 (209) and 2 (207) have 31 computers to use.

Room 232- 12 computers

Room 934- Auditorium

700 rooms and 905 are big rooms

600 rooms are smaller

All have a mounted projector and smartboard


Add presentation ideas here:


United Streaming

Smartboard Basics

Intermediate Smartboard

Integrating Using the Notebook Software

What Exactly is a 21st Century Classroom?

Using the Document Camera

Using the Senteos

Using Airliner Slates

Excel for Administrators

Google Docs

Microsoft Photostory 3


Researching Quick and Easy Using the WWW

Managing your Photo Album on School Center

Using your webpage as a portal to the WWW

Social Bookmarking

Organizing Your Digital World

Integrating Technology and PBS

Upper Elementary Math on the Smartboard 

Things that Go Bump on Your Computer


For Admins:

Using the Blackberry



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