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Day 1- Session A- 9:45-10:45 AM

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Computer Lab 1- Room 209

Presenter: Jacquie Fletcher and Paula Shrum

Title: Researching Safely using the WWW

Suggested Audience: K-5

Elementary Content Area: All subjects

Middle/ High Content Area:

Description: Do you get frustrated trying to find quality information on the web? Would you like a faster way to find valuable, research quality sites appropriate for elementary kids? Well look no further, we have great websites, and clues to unlock the web so you can spend your valuable time creating great project base lessons instead of getting stuck in the web.


Using the WWW for Research.doc


Computer Lab 2- Room 207

Presenter: Yvonne Coley, Patti Johnstone, and Cindy Deal

Title: Using Photo Story

Suggested Audience: K-5

Elementary Content Area: All Subjects

Middle/ High Content Area:

Description: Come learn how to use Photo Story with your students. This session will be hands on so come with a flash drive that has some pictures loaded.

Media Center

Presenter: Craig Twaddle

Title: Learn360

Suggested Audience: K-12 teachers

Elementary Content Area: All Subjects

Middle/ High Content Area: All Subjects

Description: Methods for finding media that fit your lessons quickly.  Will also cover the basics for uploading and sharing content using My Learn360.

Room 232

Presenter:  Lacey Huffling and Janie Cruce

Title:  Teching Up Your Classroom
Suggested Audience:  9-12

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area:

Description:  These two Biology teachers will share how they used wikis, social networking, Google Docs, Web 2.0 tools, and Flip cameras to engage students and extend learning opportunities.  Did it really work?  Come and find out.  

Room 601

Presenter: Crystal Turney and Shelby Davis

Title: Educational APPS for your iTouch/iPhone

Suggested Audience: K-5

Elementary Content Area: All

Middle/ High Content Area:

Description:  Bring your iTouch or iPhone and let's download some of our students' favorite applications. Learn how even one iTouch can excite all of the students in your classroom to learn.

Room 602

Presenter: Kevin Knight

Title: Keyboard Shortcuts, Time-Saving Tips, and Technology Tricks

Suggested Audience: K-12

Elementary Content Area: All

Middle/ High Content Area: All

Description: You use a computer every day. Whether it's creating lessons or handouts, searching the Internet, or performing routine tasks, you spend a lot of time doing a lot of work. There's no sense in continuing to do things the LONG way. Make the computer do the work! In this session, you will learn all the keyboard shortcuts, time saving tips, and tricks that the Technology Facilitators use to make everything quicker and more efficient. 

Room 603

Presenter:  Kelly Mavropoulos

Title: The Wonderful World of Web 2.0

Suggested Audience:  K-12

Elementary Content Area: All

Middle/ High Content Area: All

Description:  What is Web 2.0?  How can I use it to keep my students engaged?  How can it make my life easier?  The answers to all of these questions plus hundreds of websites to keep your students on the cutting edge of technology!  From Hot Potatoes, Homework Station and Idpad to Museum Box, teachers will leave this session with more ideas & websites than they know what to do with!


Room 604

Presenter: Kim Harding and Stephanie Odum

Title: Online Activities Using the SMART Board for Math and ELA

Suggested Audience: 6-8

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area: Math and ELA

Description:  Do you have a Smartboard?  Would you like to know how we effecitvely use our board?  Please join us as we share ways that we can enhance learning in your Math and ELA classrooms with the help of a Smartboard.



Room 605

Presenter: Jan Holshouser

Title: Digital Storytelling Using MS Photo Story 3

Suggested Audience: 6-12

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area: All

Description: MS Photo Story 3 for Windows helps you create exciting video stories from your pictures that you can share with others in a few simple steps. You can import and edit your pictures, add titles, record narration, add background music, and save your story as a movie file. You can then use any program that plays Windows Media Video (WMV) files to view your story.


Room 606

Presenter: Gary Hahn

Title: Using Senteos in the Classroom

Suggested Audience: 6-8

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area: All

Description: Participants will be shown how to set up classes and create tests/quizzes using the Senteo software. Importing questions from Exam View and MS Word will be demonstrated. Teachers will use the clickers to answer questions and view responses on the SMART Board. Results can be exported to MS Excel for recording grades.


Room 608



Suggested Audience:

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area:



Room 701

Presenter: Julie LaChance and Rob Muhlestein

Title: Why you need a second life

Suggested Audience:  all

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area:  all

Description: Second Life is a virtual learning environment making its way into schools, providing an enriching online learning experience for students.  Join Second Life's Julie Sugarplum and Mo Hax to learn how the virtual world is currently being used in Cabarrus County Schools and how you can use it as a teacher.


Room 705

Presenter: Dawn Mizera

Title: Track Star

Suggested Audience: K-5

Elementary Content Area:

Middle/ High Content Area:

Description: Track Star is a free resource which enables you to easily create web quests and organize links. It is very user friendly for students and teachers. Learn how to set up your account and start creating your own web quests.


Room 707

Presenter: Tonia Aldridge

Come learn the basic of using a Mac omputer.

Apple Presenter

Room 710

Presenter: Shayla Rexrode

Title: SMART Notebook 10 Advanced Features

Suggested Audience: K-12 classroom teachers, technology support staff

Elementary Content Area: Technology

Middle/ High Content Area: Technology

Description: Are you searching for new ways to excite your students? In this session we will explore how using sound files, flash video, and animations can take an ordinary lesson and make it extraordinary!


LAT 2.0 Updates.notebook

Educator Resources (3).doc

Cabarrus Co. Lesson Design(2).notebook

Room 741

Presenter: Jennifer Larkin / Steve Johnson

Title:SMART Board in the Math Classroom

Suggested Audience:  Middle School Math Teachers

Elementary Content Area:  Math

Middle/ High Content Area:  Math


This session is a must-attend for any middle school math teacher that has or anticipates having a SMART Board in their classroom.  Through hands-on activities and plenty of time to play and experiment, participants will discover interactive ways to use the SMART Board with their math students.  All participants will also walk out of this session with premade SMART Notebook lessons/files to use with their own students in the upcoming year.  Come join us for some practical and fun ways to teach math with a SMART Board!

Room 744

Presenter: Joyce Camp

Title: Yum, Yum! Online Resources using Delicious

Suggested Audience: All

Elementary Content Area: Technology

Middle/ High Content Area: Technology

Description: Create an account on Delicious.com and learn how to organize and keep track of online resources. We will explore resources already bookmarked, create bookmarks of your own, and talk about how to create a network of users to share bookmarks.


Room 745

Presenter:  Richard Hartshorne, Ph.D.

Title:  Google Apps and 21st Century Learners

Suggested Audience:  All

Elementary Content Area:  All

Middle/ High Content Area:  All

 With the increasing sophistication and pervasiveness of technology in both schools and society, as well as the recent focus on the development of “21st Century Skills,” equipping teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be able to prepare the students of today to be creative, innovative, and critical thinkers, as well as problem solvers, and effective communicators and collaborators is becoming increasingly important. Google Apps is a set of tools that can not only promote these higher order skills, but also works with the existing knowledge-base and skill set of many teachers. In this session, the presenter will introduce and give specific examples of Google Apps and their value in the K-12 classroom. Additionally, the presenter will discuss the integration of Google Apps into the classroom from the perspective of a district-level technology director, a school director, a school-level head of technology, and a K-12 teacher. Attendees will also be provided with a collection of resources, strategies, and ideas for integrating Google Apps into the K-12 classroom. 


Room 749

Presenter: Susan Keever and Amy Thompson

Title: Smartboards in the EC Classroom

Suggested Audience: EC, AU, ID Moderate, ID Severe, and ID Mild

Elementary Content Area: All

Middle/ High Content Area: All

Description:  This session will show how two EC teachers are using the Smartboard to engage their students in all academic areas.  They will also share how they have adapted their use of the Smartboard with their students in their classroom.




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