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Committee Sign Up

Page history last edited by Carla Holt 11 years, 2 months ago

Planning area for the committees.

Music and Welcome:   Wendy Tomberlin, Tim Gwynn, Steve Johnson, Jeff Goodnight


Program Guide/Wiki:  Jennifer Jenkins and Patti Freeman, Joyce Camp by April 30


Registration: Patti Johnstone, Beth Hamilton, Jacquie Fletcher, Julie LaChance, Yvonne Coley,  Integration Interest Survey (Cindy Deal)


Marketing and Advertisement:  Rob Schladensky, Jim Gilreath, Jan Holshouser, Kevin Knight, Susie Dudash by April 30


Food: Denise Yates, Barbara Lewis, Carolyn Ferguson, Gayle Briscoe, Paula Shrum, and Yvonne Coley


Prize Seeking: Camella Herrin, Erica Willard, Susann Spinell, Kelly Mavropoulos, Michael Petersen, Crystal Turney, Lee Ann Hibbard
*I'll move our planning page to this wiki as soon as I get a chance folks and finish up letter now that we agreed to keep the same title. 


Support: All ITC Staff & Technology Facilitators


Setup/Clean Up: All ITC Staff & Technology Facilitators


Outside Instructors: Jennifer Jenkins, Patti Freeman (Educator on Loan, Patti Wilkins, Carol Baldwin, Darren Scott, Shayla Rexrode, Scott Loomis)


Runners - Jacquie Fletcher,


Evaluation: Jennifer Jenkins, Patti Freeman, Joyce Camp
Patti Freeman's Assistant: Carla Holt

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